Blazer Big Shot GT8000 Torch

Blazer Big Shot GT8000 Torch


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Blazer Big Shot GT8000 Torch

The Blazer Big Shot Torch offers a safe, seamless, and efficient experience with state-of-the-art engineering and an easy-to-use, portable design. Featuring a large fuel capacity, this anti-flare butane torch burns long and full. Boasting a Piezo crystal igniter, this torch lights up instantly with the push of a button-you don’t need to carry a lighter with you. The Big Shot torch features a precision flame height adjuster- decrease or amplify flame size at a precise degree to tailor your sessions.

With a wide range of available temperatures, the Big Shot enables you to toggle heat up to 2500 °F and provides for up to 35 minutes of continuous torching. A high-grade brass nozzle keeps the flame steady you can turn the Big Shot upside down without worrying about flame blowing out.


by Blazer


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