Empire Glassworks “Fruity Boba” Mini Rig

Empire Glassworks “Fruity Boba” Mini Rig

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Empire Glassworks “Fruity Boba” Mini Rig

Bright, fun, energetic mini rig for a laid back smoke. 

Boba Tea, Bubble Tea, Boba Milk Drink, or simply Boba. Doesn’t matter what you call it, its always delicious. Expertly worked by Empire Glassworks with hand mixed colors to resemble that delicious brew with the tapioca pearls. 

The bent neck is a worked straw that will have you comfortably bubbling your cares away. Features a reinforced 90° ground and 14.5mm flower bowl. Which can be swapped out easily with an oil accessory for dab sessions. Limited quantity available, make sure to grab your favorite today!!

by Empire Glassworks


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