Sesh Supply “Hestia” Mini Fumed Banger Hanger

Sesh Supply “Hestia” Mini Fumed Banger Hanger


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Sesh Supply “Hestia” Mini Fumed Banger Hanger

Smoke where you want and how you want with this petite pipe.

This “Hestia” Mini Fumed Banger Hanger is a practical glass water pipe. Designed by Sesh Supply, this bong features a relaxed bent neck style. This pipe is perfect for sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a flavourful smoke, anywhere, anytime.

The “Hestia” uses a 14.5mm female joint and fixed diffused downstem for percolation. It also comes ready to roll with a male flower bowl, but swap out for a banger when you’re ready to use wax!

by Sesh Supply

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