Herbalizer – The Premium Desktop Vaporizer

Herbalizer – The Premium Desktop Vaporizer


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Herbalizer – The Premium Desktop Vaporizer

The most versatile vaporizer on the market.

The Herbalizer is a revolutionary vaporizer crafted by Relief by Design. This mighty device was designed by a team of ex-Nasa engineers, and took four years to create and fine tune— the attention to detail really shows!

The Herbalizer uses a high-tech halogen light bulb to generate 300 watts of convection power. The surface of this bulb reaches 800ºF, but is regulated by Herbalizer’s microprocessor to reach a total of 445ºF. This temperature cap was chosen to prevent combustion which begins at 451ºF. Because the Herbalizer is primarily a medical device, releasing noxious gasses associated with combustion defeats the purpose of using the device. 

This vaporizer comes with a medical grade whip and four bags to satisfy the needs of any vape-lover. Don’t want to use either of those methods? Try “Freestyle” mode, and fill your environment with terpy vapors. This device can be used with dry herbs or concentrates— just place your concentrates on the wire ads and drop it into your chamber! The Herbalizer is also capable of aromatherapy, perfect for those interested in holistic healing.

Aesthetically, the Herbalizer is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It doesn’t even resemble a vaporizer! But open this badass machine up, and you’ve got a plethora of vaporizing options at your fingertips. The Herbalizer is now the vaporizer used by professionals to measure terpene profiles and analyze various dry herbs. If it satisfies their needs, it will surely meet your every expectation!

Included with this vape:

  • Two wire pads for aromatherapy or concentrates.
  • One whip
  • Four volcano-style bags
  • Storage container
  • Grinder card

by Herbalizer

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