Nectar Collector “Honeybird” Quartz Tip Travel Kit

Nectar Collector “Honeybird” Quartz Tip Travel Kit


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Nectar Collector “Honeybird” Quartz Tip Travel Kit

The power of the pollinators in the palm of your hand. 

Have you ever wanted to sip your concentrates like a little hummingbird? The Honeybird mini nectar collector kit will have you buzzing! 

Equipped with a threaded joint, this handy little dab rig comes with a matching threaded quartz tip straw, plastic carrying case and parabolic collecting dish for easy on-the go dabs. Nothing beats this nectar collector kit in terms of flavor and portability!

Good to know:

  • Great for travel
  • Mini dab rig
  • Ships with quartz tip and collecting dish 

by Nectar Collector


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