Free Dabs Bear Plaque 12 X 18″ (Signed 1 Of 1)


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Brands: StonerDays

Free Dabs Bear Plaque

  • 12×18″ canvas print
  • Signed and numbered #1 of 1
  • Comes with matching T shirt
  • All sales donated to My Little Leaf for life saving CBD / RSO medication

StonerDays Art Plaques

Your choice of any StonerDays design printed and made to plaque with a matching StonerDays tee included. Each design will be a one of one plaque with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the non profit organization My Little Leaf. Each plaque sold is a donation to a healther future for a child with a fighting spirit.

Own a piece of StonerDays history to display in your very own stoner way. All StonerDays Art Plaques will be signed and tagged as a StonerDays “1 of 1” product.